Greeks of Pyatigorsk
History of the Community
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of the Community 

...Members of the Community may become Greeks, their family members (citizens of the Russian Federation, foreigners and individuals with no citizenship), who have completed the 18th year of age and are residents of Pyatigorsk...
  clause 4.1. Memorandum the community of the Pyatigorsk city
 The Community council
The Community council
...defines how its decisions must be fulfilled; solves problems of forming structural branches, sets and develops contacts with other associations and organizations; organizes congresses, mass entertainment and other events;
We express our gratitude
to the management and the staff
of the General Secretariat
of Greeks Abroad (Greek ministry of Foreign Affairs), for the care for the life of our Community, the financial support and the co-operation on the realization of several plans that aim at the development of the activity of the Pyatigorsk Greek Community. ...more
Quotations from the memorandum.

  On the 19th June 1991,
according to the republished Soviet Union law “About the social organizations”, the Prefecture’s Justice Department of Stavropol region registered the memorandum of the Greek Association “ETHNOS” with the decision ¹17.
The Community at will brings together the Greeks and the members of their families (residents of Pyatigorsk) in order to promote the Greek civilization, to popularize the achievements, to develop the social and cultural activity of the Greek population and strengthen friendship between the nations which live in the city.
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Greek Community of Pyatigorsk
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