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Pyatigorsk is the second largest city in the Stavropol region. It is a great spa city in the CMW area, which includes five cities: Pyatigorsk, Min-Vody, Essentuki, Zeleznovodsk, Kislovodsk. Pyatigorsk is situated at the foot of the central part of the Caucasus, by the river Podkumok and at the height of 520-550 meters. The total expanse, including the working-class areas comes up to 85 square kilometers. The population reaches 200000 residents.
 In the centre of Pyatigorsk rises Mashuk mountain (994 m.), from which there is a great panoramic view. You can see Beshtau mountain (1400 m. above the sea-surface). In the horizon stretches the Central Caucasian range, which has the highest mountain-tops in Europe and these are: Kazbec mountain (5.033 m.) and Elbrus (5.642 m.). Scientists named this area: Archipelagos of rocks.


The city owes its birth in 1780 to its fifty mineral water springs and its wonderful climate. It was built by higher Russian officers under the aegis of the emperor Nicolas I. Due to these circumstances the city was developing very quickly in a spa city. The first and most famous architects of the city were Jovanni and Juseppe Bernardachi from Italy. Today Pyatigorsk is a great therapeutic spa city. Here there is a modern diagnostic center with the most advanced methods. Doctors use the latest in science and technology.


Pyatigorsk is a cultural centre of the CMW area. It has got rich intellectual life and a great number of orthodox churches. There are polytechnic institutes and universities of higher education. State Linguistic University, Technological Institute, University of Financial Law, Pharmaceutical Academia, Medical School, Business School etc.

 Concert hall, cinemas, libraries and exhibitions. Every year The All Russian Days of Poetry, dedicated to Lermontov, an All Russian Competition of young pianists, named after Safonov, television festivals, international meetings, congresses etc. take place here. Two local papers are issued Kavkazskaya zdravnitsa and Pyatigorskaya Pravda. Stavropol radiotelevision branch operates in the city. Two radio stations Pyataya vershina and Provinchia
 Pyatigorsk is the biggest industrial centre of the CMW area. Agricultural equipment, furniture, carpets, building materials as well as clothing are manufactured here. In the recent years many private companies have appeared. Pyatigorsk is also the biggest wholesale trade center in the North Caucasus.

Russians, Armenians, Ukrainians, Belrussians, Jews, Osetins, Georgians, Kabardines and other nationalities dwell in the city, among which there are 3.000 Greeks as well, whose ancestors settled in the area in the 1870s. The climate here is mountainous. During the winter it is sunny, but the best season lasts from May till October. .
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