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The full text of the article on the local paper “Golos” (date of issue: 08.02.1918) about a Greek night out in the Caucasian Mineral Waters area, may see here. .
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Year 1917
The first memories of the existence
of an organization in Pyatigorsk
that unites all the Greeks of our city,
are found in the beginning
of the last century.
But in a local newspaper called “Golos” (you may see it here) which was saved by chance at the municipal ethnographic museum there is a narration about an evening gathering given by the Greek community of the city of Pyatigorsk on the 26th December 1917. For the most eye-witnesses and participants of the events of that era emigrated during the Russian civil war (1918-1922), they were violently exiled to Greece in the late 30’s and as the municipal archives of Pyatigorsk were burnt during the second World War, our knowledge about the Greek community is fragmentary.
The Creeks of our city would be very grateful to any citizens and organizations which would be able to help us find some new information about the history of the Greek Community of Pyatigorsk.
The renaissance.
In the late 80’s, during the 
“Perestroika” years, social associations began to appear, something which was just impossible till then...
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