Greeks of Pyatigorsk
History of the Community
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The Community council
defines how its decisions must be fulfilled;
solves problems of forming structural branches, sets and develops contacts with other associations and organizations;
organizes congresses, mass entertainment and other events...
Touzanides Konstandinos
  (son of Demosthenes)
    Born on the 19th June 1953 in the city of Pyatigorsk, Stavropol region, in a Greek family. In 1970 he finished school ¹26 in Pyatigorsk. The same year he entered the Radio-electronics University of Kharkov, in 1975 he graduated with the specialization “Technician on electronic devices”. After his graduation, he worked in many electronic companies. In the structural meeting of the Greeks of Pyatigorsk, which took place on 28.10.1990 for the first time, in 1995 for the second and in 2000 for the third, he was elected President of the Greek Community of Pyatigorsk. Many times he has been elected General Secretary and member of the Committee of the Federation of the Greek Communities of Russia (FGCR). Single. He has got two children.


Likov Anatoly  
Year of birth 1932. Higher technological education. Teacher of geology. Place of occupation «Sevkavgeologia».


Zimov Dmitry
Year of birth 1941. Higher pedagogical education. Teacher of pedagogics. Works in the Piatigorsk State University of Linguists.


Antonova Ellada
Year of birth 1977. Higher pedagogical education. Works in Piatigorsk State University of Linguists.


Efremov Stavros
Year of birth 1929. Higher technological education. Pensioner.


Zourelides Nikolay
Year of birth 1928. Higher technological education. Pensioner.


Kishniarov Yuri  
Year of birth 1964. Higher medical education.
Works in the Piatigorsk local hospital ¹2.


Rotto Valery  
Year of birth 1946. Higher technological education. Works in the Joint-Stock company «Goryachevodsk».


Sariev Vladimir 
Year of birth 1950. Higher veterinarian education. Businessman.


Sereda (Sarvanidou) Irina 
Year of birth 1959. Higher pedagogical education. Works the High School ¹20.


Fakhirov Tariel
Year of birth 1947. Higher juridical education. Works in the Northern Caucas Caucasus police department.
The auditing commission:

audits, at least once a year, the economical activity of the Community,
conducts the inventory, controls the economical activity of structural subdivisions;
concludes the annual report to the Community’s Council...
Papagiannides Anastas
Year of birth 1943. Secondary specialized education.
Works in the Joint-Stock company «Stalker».
Budagova Elena
Year of birth 1965. Higher economic education. Works in the firm «Esplanada».
Karakianova Larisa
Year of birth 1957. Higher economic education. Works the High School ¹27.
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