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Some quotations
from the memorandum.    

... Basic goals: "The efforts of the Greek population aim at the preservation and cultivation of the Greek civilization, the language, the defense of its members rights and interests" .

The first memorandum of our organization was approved by the General meeting on the 28th October 1990 and was registered on the basis of the decision ¹2524 of the Pyatigorsk Municipal Council on the 13th December 1990.
    On the 19th June 1991, according to the republished Soviet Union law “About the social organizations”, the Prefecture’s Justice Department of Stavropol region registered the memorandum of the Greek Association “ETHNOS” with the decision ¹17.

On the 28th October 1995 at the general meeting, several changes in the articles were approved (since then the “ETHNOS” Greek Association has been renamed into the “Greek Community of Pyatigorsk”. The Prefecture’s Justice Administration on the 19th January 1996, according to the Russian law “About the social organizations”, registered the newly approved memorandum.


Some quotations from this memorandum, according to which our Community functions today.
of the social organization 
“Greek Community of the city of Pyatigorsk”

The Greek Community of the city of Pyatigorsk (from now on it will be called the Community) is a social organization based on self-administration and functions in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the present memorandum.
The Community at will brings together the Greeks and the members of their families (residents of Pyatigorsk) in order to promote the Greek civilization, to popularize the achievements, to develop the social and cultural activity of the Greek population and strengthen the friendship between the nations which live in the city.
The Community is a legal entity which has got its own balance, bank accounts, stamps, printed forms with appellations and emblems
The Community acts in the area of the city of Pyatigorsk.
The address is: 26 Kyrova Avenue, Pyatigorsk.

The aim of the Community is to unite and direct the efforts of the Greek population to the preservation and cultivation of the Greek civilization and Greek language, the defense of its member's rights and interests, the establishment of real equality between the Greeks and the population of the local minorities, the consolidation of friendship between the minorities of Pyatigorsk.
To carry out the above goals the Community
- uses all the possibilities to solve the national and cultural problems of the Greek, especially in the field of education, contacts, folk art, formation of cultural centers and satisfaction of the religious needs of the people,
- considers its duty, within the frame of the effective law, to represent the legal interests of its members and help them in all the fields of its activity...
The Community brings together individuals who all have the same rights and are directed to their activity according to the articles of the Community…
members of the Community may become Greeks, their family members (citizens of the Russian Federation, foreigners and individuals with no citizenship), who have completed the 18th year of age and are residents of Pyatigorsk…


The full articles of the Greek Community
of Pyatigorsk you may read below:
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