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Nick Moraitis (Forest Hill Victoria Australia)
E-mail : enm@fhills.hotkey.net.auHome page : www.ausgreeknet.com
Dear friends Congratulations on your beautiful web site.l
By the way I have your link on our site.
Сообщение написано в воскресенье, 19 2004 года, в 6:46
Edyta (Warsaw)
E-mail : editek@buziaczek.plHome page : www.japanesegeisha.blog.pl
Hello Greeks all over the world! I love YOU!
Сообщение написано в понедельник, 15 ноября 2004 года, в 22:55
Ответ : Dear Mrs.Edyta!
Thank you for your message. We are glad to get such message and wish. You good too.
The Greeks of Pyatigorsk.
Markellos Tsarouhas (Boston, Mass, USA)
E-mail : markellos@comcast.netHome page : нет
Geia sas,
My wife and I are in the process of adopting a child from Rostov-on-don and we would like to ask you if there are any greek organizations or greek people that we can meet when we visit Rston-on-don. Congratulations on your beautiful web site. I"ll appreciate any help you can offer on Rostov-on-don.

Sincerly your,
Markellos Tsarouhas
Сообщение написано в субботу, 18 сентября 2004 года, в 18:27
Ответ : Dear Mr.Tsarouhas!

Sorry we couldn’t answer you immediatly. We want to thank you for visiting our site. There is a Greek community in Rostov-on-Don. It’s adress is: Russia, 344006, pereulok Grechesky 2, tel. 007 8632 471455. Vice-President Karibov Yannis, tel. 007 8632 760674, ofice tel. 007 8632 645755. You can get more information on site www.rostovgreek.ru. But it is in Russian…
Sincerly yours,
Konstandinos Touzanides – President of the Greek Community of Pyatigorsk
Mary Karas (Melbourne, Australia)
E-mail : www.chichka@iprimus.com.au" target="_blank" class=pont2>www.chichka@iprimus.com.auHome page : нет
While conducting research on the Greek Diaspora I was delighted to have come across your site and to discover a Greek Community in Russia that despite its past political history has managed to retain its Greek heritage and culture.
Сообщение написано в понедельник, 6 сентября 2004 года, в 3:59
Ответ : Mrs.Mary Karas, my name is Yorgos Ioakimidis and before introducing myself i would like to thank you for you great words and i"m very happy that you liked our website. I"m a close friend of Mr. Kostas Touzanidis, who is the President of the Greek Community of Piatigorsk. For the reason that i lived for many years in Greece i help him translating Greek letters and other things. We would be very happy receiving your reply.

Sincerly yours,
Yorgos Ioakimidis
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