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Martin (Friedrichshafen)
Dear Greek Community of Pyatigorsk,
I think it is great that you have this webspace and that you keep your cultural life alive. I am from Germany and there also live many people from the former Soviet Union (just like in Greece & Cyprus). Just like the case with members of the Greek minority, also the German minority sometimes emigrated somemetimes stayed in the former Soviet Union. By the way, there is a sizeable Pontian community in Germany, which immigrated from Greece mainly in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. However much of the younger people of the community is assimilated into the mainstream Greek society and cannot speak the Pontian dialect.
In any case, I wish you much luck with your organization and prosperous years to come.
I also find it good that you keep the Greek language and Pontian dialects vivid. I think it is an interesting cultural treasure for society. Now I am starting to learn Russian so as to learn more about this language and country, too.
Сообщение написано в среду, 22 августа 2007 года, в 3:55
Дмитрий (Москва)
E-mail : info@remont.ruHome page : нет
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Сообщение написано в субботу, 18 августа 2007 года, в 2:58
E-mail : johnny.paps@gmail.comHome page : нет
Hi everyone,
I plan to visit Russia next year(2008). I intend to take a couple of intensive russian courses(1 in Russia n 1 in Siberia). The couple of months that´s I´ll spend in Russia are part of a long trip around the world. I plan on coming back to Russia in 2009.I´d love to get some tips on:
1.what cities would be interesting to take an intensive russian course. I prefer to study in a city that´s got a beach, and the school,as well as the city itself, should charge reasonable prices.
2.what cities in Russia,Ukraine,Georgia,Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan,Tadjiquistan, Kyrgystan,and Kazakstan have active greek communities
3.what a foreign single guy should know who´s travelling around the ex-soviet countries.
Hope to hear from you all,
Сообщение написано в понедельник, 6 августа 2007 года, в 3:30
Asaba Owerri (obi)
E-mail : asabaimo@yahoo.comHome page : нет
this is great please keep up the good work.
Сообщение написано в понедельник, 14 мая 2007 года, в 17:55
n fotinos (amsterdam)
E-mail : fotinos@lycos.nlHome page : нет

would u kindly submit our site to yours?
thank you
Nicoletta Fotinos

URL http://fotinos.myv.nl/
Сообщение написано в пятницу, 26 января 2007 года, в 22:04
Konstantin Papadopoulos (D-41836 Hückelhoven)
E-mail : raija42@msn.comHome page : нет
thank you very much for the interesting informations of your website - would be nice if you could provide more actual information
Сообщение написано в субботу, 13 января 2007 года, в 14:21
Pontos Forums (Melbourne, Australia)
E-mail : pontosforums@yahoo.com.auHome page : нет
For anybody wanting to communicate with Pontians all over the world, feel free to visit my new web forum.

Сообщение написано в среду, 5 апреля 2006 года, в 11:36
E-mail : MGBADAJOE@ABA.COMHome page : http://NONE
Сообщение написано в четверг, 14 апреля 2005 года, в 11:41
Ответ : Thanks for good words. Always at your service.
Mark Karaqhalis (East Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA)
E-mail : markkarahalis@hotmail.comHome page : нет
I was in rostov and I did not know that there is a greek community there. Now I know better!!!! I am looking for an apartment to rent just for one month. It would be during the summer sometime.
Сообщение написано в четверг, 3 февраля 2005 года, в 2:15
Ответ : Unfortunately we are located in Pyatigorsk. It takes 500 km from our town to Rostov.
E-mail : contactpurang@yahoo.comHome page : нет
marry christmas and a happy new year I wish to all greeks in russia. Myself i am living now several years in Russia. I fall in love with Russia.

I like your website and your efforts to organise the greek community better. I am looking for a greek community in moscow. I am looking already for hours in the internet but cannot find something useful. Can u name me some links of greek communitys in moscow?

By the way. Your city looks very interesting. Do u have some offers for greek tourists who wants visit your city?
A hotel where they speak greek for example, or little support (pick somebody up from railwaystation)?

Thank u


Сообщение написано во вторник, 4 января 2005 года, в 15:43
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