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Christmas will remain pleasant and unforgettable for children who study the Greek language. Children were preparing for that feast with rapt attention. They edited colorful newspapers, learned Christmas poems and songs and collected material about Christmas and New Year celebrations. Parents also took part. Cookies, homemade cakes and especially New Yearís pie were garnishing the Communityís festive board. While the adults were laying the tables, the children were watching attentively through the satellite their coevals caroling to the Greek president. And though they didnít understand everything, their joy didnít lessen at all.
Together with the teacher of Greek Sereda Irina Kharalambovna, the children staged Christmas play and while competing in teams they had to show their knowledge of Greek. The participants of the competition were Gargatseva Anna and Anastasia, Evfremov Anastasios and Spirov Platonas and Pavlos. The songs, the dances, the games, the jokes and tricks continued up to the very evening.

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