Greeks of Pyatigorsk
History of the Community
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The new era
gave birth to new movements,
which were just not possible
till that time.

In the late 80’s 
during the “Perestroika” years, 
social associations began to appear, 
something, which was just 
impossible till then.


On the 28th October 1990 at 12 a.m., the meeting started (only 68 Greeks participated) and declared the foundation of the Greek society “ETHNOS”, it also for voted the society’s articles and elected its council.
     In the summer of 1990 an active team was formed in Pyatigorsk, which undertook the initiative in the setting up of a Greek society in the city. After the determination of the objectives the society took the decision to make an announcement to the Greek minority of the city. The appeal to the Greeks, which suggested the unification in order to settle several national-cultural matters, found strong support from the people. However the genetic fear towards the Greeks, caused by the suppression of the former regime, remained in the souls of the people and made them cautious. The appeal to the well known Greeks of the city, who were in high positions and had power, to take over the society, was of no success. The attitude of the authorities towards the setting up of a Greek association was devious. By fully recognizing the right of the Greek residents to unification, aiming at the settlement of their problems at the time, the authorities were unwilling to recognize other reasons which would lead to the establishment of the association. For example, one part of the memorandum’s plan, which was introducing the establishment of real equality between the Greeks and the local population, caused the fierce reaction of the municipality’s law department. The sole local paper refused point-blank to publish a small notice of the founding team. But the trials would not end at this point. One day before the newspaper publishing of the announced date of a meeting, a member of the municipality announced his decision to forbid the political action (as he claimed) at the founding team’s rented place. By understanding that this prohibition might be taken by the Greeks as a negative attitude towards the society’s formation, the founding team sent a strong protest letter to the local authorities. The vice-mayor Mikhin V.V. withdrew the prohibition.
In 1991 the Greek society of Pyatigorsk participated in the founding team of the All Soviet Union of Greeks. After the end of the Soviet Union in 1992 the Union of the Greek Communities of Russia was founded and “ETHNOS” Greek Association was among the founding members once again.

In the October of 1995, when the majority of the Greeks of Pyatigorsk were already members of “ETHNOS”, the renaming of the association into “Community” was decided. Several changes in the Community’s articles were made, new members and the committee’s president were elected.
The Greek Community of Pyatigorsk is among the first Greek organization that work closely with the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad. The constantly active participation of our Community in many congresses and meetings gained us a worldwide recognition from the Greeks all over the planet. Today the Greek Community of Pyatigorsk is moving towards all directions mentioned in its memorandum and is constantly supported financially, evolving into a strong organization
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