Greeks of Pyatigorsk
History of the Community
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 Cultural life of the Community.
   One of our major aims is the preservation and cultivation of the Greek culture.

The culture - no doubt - and the soul, but basically the first keeps us live as Greeks during the centuries far away from Greece.
The photo that was found in the family archives of the local Greek Miltiades Efstathiades sets the example for today's Greek Community and shows us that we should aim at the promotion and cultivation of a civilization which existed in Greeks of Pyatigorsk and to enrich it with the one of the Metropolis, which has gone far ahead, furthermore to preserve and continue the civilization of the Greeks of Pyatigorsk.
Events of our life

Christmas will remain pleasant and unforgettable for children who study the Greek language. Children were preparing for that feast with rapt attention. They edited colorful newspapers, learned Christmas poems and songs and collected material about Christmas and New Year celebrations. Parents also took part. Cookies, homemade cakes and especially New Years pie were garnishing the Communitys festive board. While the adults were laying the tables, the children were watching attentively through the satellite their coevals caroling to the Greek president. And though they didnt understand everything, their joy didnt lessen at all.
Together with the teacher of Greek Sereda Irina Kharalambovna, the children staged Christmas play and while competing in teams they had to show their knowledge of Greek. The participants of the competition were Gargatseva Anna and Anastasia, Evfremov Anastasios and Spirov Platonas and Pavlos. The songs, the dances, the games, the jokes and tricks continued up to the very evening.

     Life of our Community...
Some Greek generations from Pyatigorsk didn't have the chance to study Greek, with the opening of the Greek community in Pyatigorsk marked the beginning of organized Greek language teaching.
Great attention is paid to the further education of the Greek language teachers. Educational seminars with the participation of professors from the universities of Greece are frequently organized... ...detail
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